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It would be better to have a scoreboard which shows the user's groups (more than one group per user) then then the scoreboard list should have the groups and then inside them, the list of unassigned incidents and assigned incidents on that particular group.  For example, If a person is part of Group A and Group B, then scoreboard should

Hi, We are experiencing hundreds of our UNIX target accounts are failing to verify credential and error showing as below,   PAM-CM-1341: Failed to establish a communications channel to the remote host   It's very hard to debug such issues without any proper error messages. can you please help to find out what are all the scenarios
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Business case is as follows...service needs a required user account registration/validation then user selected application account registrations (require one or more selections) that are dependent on the user account result/data.   Cannot get this to work w/ multiple service option groups (need one to "auto choose" the required