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Many users were recently migrated over from the Automic Community site. If you’re one of them, you may have noticed that your screen name here on looks different than before. Your screen name (also known as a display name, alias, handle, or nickname) is the name by which you are identified in the CA Communities. It is the

Hello everybody, I'm trying to consume the WS method doSelect, in SOAPUI and I make this query          <sid>sid</sid>       <objectType>cr</objectType>       <whereClause>open_date > 1519862400 AND open_date &lt; 1522368000      
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We use RA-FTP to handle file transfers between servers (internal and external).  Recently, we discovered that, at the time one of these jobs is added to a workflow, the FTP steps and parameters are imported to the workflow, and any subsequent changes to the FTP job do not affect the entries on the workflow.  After making a change to the
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Last week in the system, my Client, Moody's was on the “Defect Suite Page’ and the “test Case Page” they received a message that the pages were being deprecated and should not be used.  This week the message didn’t show up. They are asking me if we are planning to remove those pages and they need to stop using