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Hi Team,   I am unable to see CA Directory under Download section. This is required for the upgrade of the project.    Please let me know if you need any further details.   Thanks, Sai
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Unable to show more than 50 records on the dropdown on the iteration page. It will not show 100 or 200 records to choose from.  50 is the most it shows.
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Hello, in the current release 15.6, it not possible to edit in the new experience , ETC by ressources assigned to task. And BNPP BDDF wish to have it to complete the workflow of project management. Here you are the workflow of project management: ==> Create a project and fill properties: OK in the new UX ==> Allocate ressource (staff the…
I am trying to open a case to ask a question about logging. But it says You do not have access to this function. If you feel this is in error, or if you need immediate assistance, please contact Customer Support Customer Support Can you help.  I have opened a case before. Not sure why it has stopped.  Sreelatha
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Unable to taking the courses. I'm able to login the portal successfully but I can't access the courses in CA Education. Getting "Sorry, there was a problem with your registration. Please contact Customer Assistance" error message while taking courses. Please help me on this.
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Ability to configure new objecst and new data attributes through PPM Clarity Studio and publishing to New UI (New UX). Is such plan targeted for a future release?
Using the Search is the BEST way to get the answer to your question.  We use Google search and only serve CA content to deliver content that hopefully is what you need! Check it out and let us know your feedback by comment on this thread.  We are always looking for ways to improve. 
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The CA Support site should provide a way to perform free-text searches of all of our incidents.   Currently, it’s possible to search cases by title. However, there is no way to search cases if search term appear only in the description or case comments.   This should ideally be implement in a way that makes it easy to construct a URL format…
Recently, I had a customer who had trouble trying to determine the correct process to upload files to a Support Case.  After much trial and error he was able to figure it out.  He would like us to have text labeling next to the upload files symbol.  Having a text label added to the upload files icon would help other users avoid the same problem in…
The Case Management section of the CA Support site should allow the user to display more than 10 cases per page. For example, the site could give the user the option of displaying 10, 25, 50, or 100 cases per page; or all cases.   This setting should be saved so that the user’s preferred column order is used each time he/she logs in.
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