Upload Files Needs Text Label

Idea created by Skip_Brown Employee on Feb 13, 2018

    Recently, I had a customer who had trouble trying to determine the correct process to upload files to a Support Case.  After much trial and error he was able to figure it out.  He would like us to have text labeling next to the upload files symbol.  Having a text label added to the upload files icon would help other users avoid the same problem in the future.  I attached a screenshot where the customer would like a label.

    Here is the customer's actual feedback-  

    "I was asked to upload files – using IE there was no information.  I was able to get special permissions to install Chrome (which doesn’t work for many VA internal websites and is locked to prevent useful configurations).


    It worked and I spent several minutes trying to figure out how to upload until I found this one icon – thought clicking Upload Manager but it isn’t a link. 


    Not intuitive – need to run the entire support site thru a UX exercise."