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Hi all, I Want to get all open alerts(Danger and Caution) from CA APM using REST API. I have searched CA documentation but not able to find any. Please suggest me how can I do so. Thanks in advance. Arpan
Hi,   We have Uc4 maintenance batch which has 3 objects, 1. Archive 2. Reorg 3. Unload Batch is getting complete with out any errors and also i can see in the report that no of records archive, Number of deletion flags set in table for RH,  OH etc. And also in Unload object i can see in Unload object as "Delete records from table 'AH' /… (Show more)
Hi guys!   Is it possible to condition the ca_reportQuery based on the selection of ca_fdGetSelectedOptionValues to display another select field?   I need to display all municipalities of the Brazilian states based on the pre-selection of this state.   I created the report for each state and its municipalities, however I'm not sure how to… (Show more)
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Hi,   We are testing silent installation on windows server for uim 8.51. We followed following procedure as is present in below link: Deploy Robots in Bulk with a Third-Party Tool and Native Installers - CA Unified Infrastructure Management - 8.5.1 - CA …  We have mentioned domain name as per our environment.… (Show more)
Hi I've tried following the Read Me instructions on github to install Rally App Builder on my Windows7 64 bit machine.  I'm getting the error below.  Any tips on getting through this?  I got same error prior to the npm update listed below...
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Hi All,   I have a comma delimited file to be masked and the strings in the fields are enclosed with double quotes ("). The client wants this to remain, but after masking the file the " are getting dropped from the file. Ex: Input file: "I","VALUE","ABC,DEF","GET"   Output file: I,MASKED,"ABC,DEF",GET   Expected:… (Show more)
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When i looked into the database, i found that tables named with *_aud they do not contain any data. However, i could see the historical deployments through ROC. I want to maintain the audit data forever and to be more protective, i would like to export the audit data and maintain it on tapes.   I am not sure, what tables should i refer to for… (Show more)
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Due to security restrictions at customer site, customer needs that the data being copied from a PAM Browser session can be only pasted to the same PAM Browser session.   Enabling the "Applet Copy and Paste" feature in the PAM Server Global Settings, the operators can also copy and paste the applet copied content outside the applet and vice-versa,…