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Hi Folks I am trying to find a way to assign the SAME resource to a single project TWICE, with 2 different bill rates in CA PPM. The scenario is that a resource, let's say a Solution Architect, will work on a project that is chargeable to a customer.  The Solution Architect's hours might be charged to the customer at, say for example,… (Show more)
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Dear Spectrum Community Users,   This is to inform you that the OneClick Java Certificate will be expiring by March 8th 2019. The CA Spectrum product team is going to deliver patches for all the supported versions prior to that date. Customers are advised to install the patches on their current install base when they are made available.   Here is…
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Hi all, Need some help on generating the test result logs.   Use-case: When I run the tests in Jenkins using CA Service Virtualisation Plugin, tests are executing fine and able to see the simple test report shows which test cases are pass and fail.   When we run the tests in interactive mode, detailed logs will get created in the Logs directory… (Show more)
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Hi,   I completed and passed my CA Privileged Access Manager 3.x Proven Implementation Professional Exam' on Feb 14th 22:46 MST(15th Feb 11:16 IST). I am waiting for my Diploma and Credential.   The problem is, on every training related page I see "Thank you for your interest in CA Education & Training. At this time we are unable to process… (Show more)
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These manual steps but using restman API: 1. Task -> Logging and Auditing -> Manage Log/Audit Sinks > Create       
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UIM has been increasingly used in large deployments more than 5k robots, across multiple hubs , the old Infrastructure manager is very complicated to distribute a probe to a robot in an environment like described, In the admin console you can select multiple filters but sometimes the customer has the list of robots that need a probe or a…
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I'm trying to join a Flowdock group and it says it's full
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