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Hello, we're working on a Customer site where internal policies states that SQL Serve mixed mode authentication should not be used.   They would like to use Windows Authentication mode instead.   It would be nice to add the support to this kind of authentication mode.   Thanks, Pino
Dear CA,   We are having strange behaviour with some pingable devices in Spectrum 10.2 that went down. Device has been modeled 10 november 2017. Instead of giving the normal alarm "Device has stopped responding to polls", Spectrum places the device in the init container.  "has been added to global collection init devices".     What can cause… (Show more)
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Hello All,   We are trying to implement XAuthradius in our environment for connection to Symantec for 2FA, the setup is complete i.e. - We have placed the under /siteminder/lib  on Policy server. - We have placed the .txt file with Symantec server details under /siteminder/config/ on Policy server. - Created the Custom… (Show more)
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Please help me understand why this regex doesn't work. I've tried with, and without format rules. With format rules my 'start expression' is ({) and 'end expression' (})   Regex: /.*(Application)\W+(.*zip).*(Status)\W+((?!STARTED)\w+).*(Updated)\W+(.*\w+).*/ or /(Application)\W+(.*zip).*(Status)\W+((?!STARTED)\w+).*(Updated)\W+(.*\w+)/  … (Show more)
In 10.5 we are facing regularly full memory utilisation.Like, we cleared the spaces(logs n traces) whenever we received.But, what is the permanenet solution of it. $ free -g          total used free shared buffers cached Mem: 7       7       0       0          0          4 -/+ buffers/cache: 2 5 Swap: 1 0 1 $
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Hi All, We have CA NSM r11.2 SP2 used for monitoring servers. We are planning to replace CA NSM with CA UIM. Our approach is to build a parallel setup for CA UIM, install UIM Agents on the monitored servers. When all the UIM agent servers are discovered and configured in UIM, decommission the NSM. According to the above approach, can we have CA… (Show more)
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What is the bandwidth limit for  deploying ca itca agent to the end user machine. What is the bandwidth limit for deploying patches to end user machine.
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I want to migrate my Jobs which are Scheduled on TWS right now to Autosys. need some suggestion.
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