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Hello, I searched on the CA APM compatibility matrix but i didn't found if Openshift 3.7 is supported by the agents and which version of APM/agent I need for monitoring this specific version of Openshift. Goodbye Lorenzo Siciliano

Hi ,   I am writing a script in which i want to store match result in one property and depending on that i want to apply  assertion.   when a request comes to vsm it checks that request in vsi and respond accordingly either it will find excat match,signature or no match.   i want to know how i can know this. is there any
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Hello Team   how can i fetch the following records for CR ticket from  sql.. can anyone provide script 1. RFC # 2..Requester 3.Category 4.Status 5.Priority 6.Assigned To 7.Group 8.CAB 9.Impact 10.Summary 11.Description 12.Open Date 13.Close Date   there are some custom fields also which i will add in script once i get