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Hello,   I am creating a Certification Template to launch campaign in CA Identity Governance r14.2. And trying to create a filter in template itself but when try to access filter page in the add Template process, GM just skips from the General page to Reviewers.  Why am I unable to access the filter page?   Can anyone please help me in this?  … (Show more)
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Hi,   I have some difficulties visualizing the baseline dates when a baseline previous to the last one is placed as current. Place images of the steps that I followed in a PowerPoint file that I attached.   Thank you so much for your help.   Cira
I would like to use the template in order to monitored ONLY THE interface for my switch and firewall. However, I am new in this probe and is super slow when I try to load the template. thanks. How shall I go about?   I have refer to the below KB  … (Show more)
Hello, this post explains possible options to export and migrate data from one specific customer (one origin) from a MSP environment to an on-prem environment.  1. Use cmdgtw probe to export data from 1 origin => this just covers the data export.2. Direct export from SQL studio of the following tables (filtering by origin):S_QOS_DEFINITION,… (Show more)
As an Endevor Administrator with multiple Endevor systems in multiple configurations, Element Action event records can only be written to a single location on USS because the parser only supports syntax for a single TO PATH location.  The syntax for the FROM ENV will allow masking, if the naming convention for the Endevor System is not unique,…
As a customer, I need the ability to ship whatever I want whenever I want in order to support agile and waterfall development methodologies at my site and provide a proper and trustworthy "source of truth" in Endevor.   Tying package shipment to packages that have executed “actionable/destructive” activity only (i.e. GENERATE, MOVE) is, with the…
I'm working on scheduling a job on 3rd calendar day of each month. If 3rd calendar day falls on Sat, Sun or public holiday, run next working day. The application working days is Mon to Sat (except public holiday).  I cannot use the normal way in the menu to handle.  Would like to seek whether JavaScript can help in the job frequency.   Using CA… (Show more)
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When an element, say, an assembler program, is edited users can use the HILITE ASM command to color-code the display.   When the element is browsed (QE Dialog default set to view) the element is viewed, but with with the Endevor metadata wrapped around it.  ("Metadata," for lack of a better word, used here to describe the Endevor "element browse"…
2018年7月吉日 お客様各位   CA Technologies   CAサポート受付方法変更のご案内   拝啓 貴社ますますご清祥のこととお慶び申し上げます。平素は格別のご高配を賜り、厚く御礼申し上げます。 この度弊社では、お客様へのより質の高いサービスのご提供を目指して、弊社製品サポートの受付方法の一部を下記のとおり変更させていただくこととなりました。 CA Technologiesでは引続きサービス向上に努めて参りますので、今後ともご愛顧賜りますよう何卒よろしくお願い申し上げます。 敬具   -記-       1. 変更日時 2018年8月1日午前9時より   2. 変更概要…
Customer requests Single Sign On SAML or EEM integration for  AXA/Log Analytics 17.3 .   Customer has Spectrum and UIM using the Siteminder access gateway (SPS)   He is looking for integrating also Logs Analytics .
Hi,   I referred the documentation provided at this thread @ Joel Nesmith, Srikanth Gajawada please help me here.   DevTest Version - 10.1 is being used I am trying to implement the shared model map for one scenario.   Scenario: There are 2 services getDetails and maintainDetails. These are part of… (Show more)
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