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Hello,   We are tested the AWS probe v 5.4 several time and in different ways. It always comes down to the same conclusion. Out of all the accounts being monitored (with the same role/policies) only 1 (the same one) will report AWS service billing data.   We have satisfied the policies required by CA and I can see the billing data from the AWS… (Show more)
Our plan for 2019 is to migrate our production UIM servers running on Cisco UCS/vmware in our data center, over to our private cloud.  The current infrastructure consists of:   2 - Windows 2012 R2 Servers, SQL 2012 Enterprise active/passive cluster 1- Windows 2012 R2 Server, UIM 8.5.1 core  1 -  Windows 2012 R2 Server, UMP 8.5.1 3 - CentOS 7… (Show more)
Click to view contentHi All, Can someone please explain to me what the significance is of the "Alarm on first Match only" check box in the Logmon/watcher rules?       I have read the logmon pdf file on docops. Cannot find an explanation of any kind what this does.Can someone tell me  1) if this log matches the expression multiple times in a log what happens? 2)… (Show more)
After using the API for some years, I've come across some issues:   1. A lot of cases where you have to run individual commands for each action - e.g. no bulk delete. We should be able to specify the criteria and then delete the devices and not have to first go and find the model handles first. E.g. we can enter criteria to find specific models…
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These manual steps but using restman API: 1. Task -> Logging and Auditing -> Manage Log/Audit Sinks > Create       
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If LDAP server is not available, Performance Manger is not usable for customers end user. Implementation today allow only one LDAP server.   Configuration of at least two LDAP server and configurable in the Performance GUI.
CAPC should support at least two (2) Active Directories (i. e. 2 LDAP server), so that one for tenant A, one for tenant B is supported. Other CA products like CABI have  this feature ....
Hi everyone.   I installed the robot to as400 OS, but i don't know if is possible monitoring the memory. I deploy the sysstat probe but I don't see the option for monitoring memory.   Any idea?
Hi, wanting to find out if we are able to surpress/disable threshold interface alarms during a specific time?   For e.g. 8pm to 12pm - i would like to disable threshold alarm for a device and then after 12pm it should enable again.  Backups during the night is causing high CPU utilization alarm.   Any help is much appreciated Thanks
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Hi all, Need some help on generating the test result logs.   Use-case: When I run the tests in Jenkins using CA Service Virtualisation Plugin, tests are executing fine and able to see the simple test report shows which test cases are pass and fail.   When we run the tests in interactive mode, detailed logs will get created in the Logs directory… (Show more)
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UIM has been increasingly used in large deployments more than 5k robots, across multiple hubs , the old Infrastructure manager is very complicated to distribute a probe to a robot in an environment like described, In the admin console you can select multiple filters but sometimes the customer has the list of robots that need a probe or a…
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I'm trying to join a Flowdock group and it says it's full
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