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App Synthetic Monitor (ASM) alerts aren't informative to understand by every one.   Can we have customized templates for ASM email alerts that includes application name, server name and alert meaning etc... to provide better information through alert emails.
Minimum duration of synthetic transaction monitors is 5 mins. Please allow 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 min intervals as well. Minimum duration of https/url/ping monitors is 1 min or 5 mins. Please allow 2 , 3 , 4 min intervals as well.
What's New in CA PPM 15.4   On March 8, we unleash the new CA Project & Portfolio Management. Beyond IT, CA PPM 15.4 drives innovation across the entire company. Don't miss this live demo by the CA PPM product management team.   Presented by Dave Sprague, Director, Product Management (CA)   ***NOTE - The option to "Add to your calendar" is now…
Log into your account: On the top of the page, click on your name. It will lead you directly to your personal profile   2. Select the CA  Partner window, and add your Functional Role and Country   3. Search for your Partner Account. NOTE: The country selected, needs to match the country of the Partner Account, otherwise the partner…
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Steps: ==== #1. add a JavaScript object and place the following code   testExec.setStateValue("ExpectedID","123");   testExec.setStateValue("ExpectedESIGN","false");   #2. save the below json in notepad in c drive {     "eSign": false,     "id": "123" } #3. Add Read a File(Disk,URL or Classpath) Step (continuation with #1) and browser the above… (Show more)
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G'day All,   I'm looking at adding SmartBear AlterSite monitoring on a Websydian public accessible website.   Has anyone done this before?   Are there any gotchas I should be aware of?   I'm looking to do two types of monitor:   1. Just do a simple URL monitor to check the webserver is up and running   2. Do a more complex health check type… (Show more)
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I am looking to create trend indicators similar to those in the Project Storyboard Report but for use in a portlet. EX:  Upwards= Variance of the value is better than the previously reported valueRightwards= No varianceDownwards= Variance of the value is worse than the previous reported value   Has anyone been able to set these up before? If so,… (Show more)
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Hi all,   I have created a partnership where validation of Name ID type is getting failed.   In smtracedefault logs i can see that the user is having that particular attribute which is configured as Name ID at IDP end. "Validating the retrieved NameID fails -1 : value is null, Assertion will not be generated" on accessing application, I am… (Show more)
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Hello,   Need help to change Mandatory field to Non-Mandatory field in SDLC Request. I am using CA PPM™ version 02 9   Regards Prabhu
Hello -    currently we have adminui of version : . i would like to understand what kind of logging can be enabled? by default its looks to be minimal .   current log location - /adminui/standalone/log/server.log   what are the options can be enabled for more logging ? can there be debug as well ?    Thank you in advance . 
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Do we have server & network devices availability report in CA UIM  out of box ? We are looking for report which will ignore the downtime period of maintenance mode. 
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