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Have we ever discussed tuning the stuck in starting to have a configurable time ? just curious what people would think.. I agree it should never take 2 mins for the agent to talk back to the scheduler.  However..if network or (load balancer - F5 etc) issues warrant what would the people here think if we could tune it?  Thanx   Steve C.
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I have Created CA IG connector in Identity Portal and set required Properties in IG governance settings 14.1 The campaigns are not visible in Identity Portal screen. I'm getting below warning msg in governance logs   19:18:47,517 DEBUG [] (default task-39) User AD1\EAdmin authenticated:… (Show more)
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We are not getting any option to Copy Paste files / folders from desktop to server accessed from CA PAM directly Text copy paste is possible  Drive mapping is like a work around .   Please provide the solution where we can copy paste files folders directly .
Hi, we are updating itcm 12.5 to 14.2 on linux servers red hat 7.4, deinstallation 12.5 is being done through the command lsm -e ca-dsm, but one of the servers did not recognize this command. I need to delete the itcm processes that are running on the server with Red Hat 7.4, to try to install itcm 14.2. and I could not identify them. Would anyone… (Show more)
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In my SD v17.1 AA environment, occasionally I get a series of these errors in the stdlog on one of my app devices that eventually lead me to have to recycle that app device to restore my environment back to normal:   05/20 00:03:49.52 USMLVV1SDC spelsrvr 3236 ERROR chgwf.spl 1988 Error creating ITPAM workflow… (Show more)
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I have this document…    that shows me the different REST API Calls and examples with them.   I do not see a call or an example of stopping the watcher service and disabling it? I am looking to automate this in our server… (Show more)
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Hi All, We have more than 3000 test cases which are developed in Ca lisa previously and need to migrate those test cases to selenium. > Lisa Test case scripts are written in Java Script and we need to re-write them and migrate it to Selenium . Please suggest the way we need to proceed.
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I've searched through help, communities and documentation but I have not come across a good description of how the priority field effects the operation of the monitors.   The default value is medium. At face value I would assume this would allow me to prioritize some monitors ahead of others, but what is the criteria for when this comes into… (Show more)
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Hello I am just wondering is there a way to pull the test execution report from the DevTest Portal , without log on to it, and send that report by email or store the results in a different location after executing the test suite successfully. I currently log on to DevTest portal and save the test results manually in pdf and eventually sending… (Show more)
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Valeriya Sasina
Hi everyone,   While preparing for the certification exam I came up with idea, that it would be nice, if we had some study course or exam-like preparation for the certification. Learning path provided by Education Center helped a lot in studying and preparing, though sometimes I felt that I need to test myself somehow.   So basically, I took the… (Show more)
Server 2016 was released in September 2016. If Spectrum doesn't support it yet, when?
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I have the following line of code that works to update the nr object(the main table for CIs) using the put method. string putBody = "<nr>" + "<zRelayMachine>1</zRelayMachine>" + "<description>" + "</description>" + "</nr>";   when I tried to change it to update the extension table har_worx where the additional work station specific fields live I… (Show more)
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