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Announcement 1 Community Platform Migration Scheduled for Early June
Click to view contentAl programar una tarea de ejecución veo que cuento con una hora distinta en las pruebas y tambien al momento de ejecutarse. Favor su ayuda con esto.     When I schedule an execution task I see that I have a different time in the tests and also at the time of execution. Please help her with this.  
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I was wondering if anyone has successfully got an SFTP job type to work with WLA DE. I am on 12.1 and continue to get a "Read time out" status and the job goes to SUBERROR. I have tried things such as creating a separate firewall rule to ensure port 22 is open but nothing seems to work.   Anyone have any steps to troubleshoot this? I am able to… (Show more)
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Hi,   I use oracle probe to monitor my customer oracle DB. My customer told me that he found the running query in their oracle DB like this: SELECT  a.serial# as serial, a.sid, a.username, b.type, b.ctime, lmode, a.osuser, c.sql_text  FROM v$session a, v$lock b, v$sqlarea c  WHERE b.type in ('TM', 'TX', 'UL')  and a.sid=b.sid and lmode > 0 … (Show more)
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Click to view contentHello Everyone,    I have created the parallel split workflow which needs to go the two different approval group at same time and merge the result. I am getting the below error message which I dont have any clue what is the pre-requisite for Parallel Split. Could anyone assist on this request would be helpful ?     Start Step :     
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SAP GRC – ability to consume/leverage policies created there in campaign, risk analysis, access request
   Hi Team,   We do have A scenario where we are giving one Service Account at the parent level and if the Workflow in the Parent chain gets failed then we are planning to run it with different Service Account in same chain but while we are restarting the failed Workflow it is Still picking the same the Parent chain Service account.Can Some one… (Show more)
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Hi,   This is a follow up from case 01345120.   We have a business requirement to increase the length of the user id field to 256 characters. Siteminder currently accepts only 255 characters.    As per Siteminder dev "Size is 256 ( so its 255 + terminated 0 ) #define SM_SIZE_USERNAME 256" due to which it can only accept 255 characters.   …
Pete Wirfs
We are testing RAFTP 4.0.6, and discovered that when we give our connection object a bad password, the log says it tries it 6 times, which in some cases causes our credentials to become locked on the target server.   I've reviewed the contents of ucxjcitx.ini and the documentation looking for a way to reduce the try count from 6, but have been… (Show more)
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Click to view contentIn order to provide the same great functionality in our quick detail panel (QDP) as well as provide a more performant editor, we have released a new full detail panel (FDP) experience!   … (Show more)
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Hi,   while Login to portal I am getting below error.   Error while retrieving list of Projects. (500 No JSON Formated Retrofit Error <html> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;charset=utf-8"/> <title>Error 500 Server Error</title> </head> <body><h2>HTTP ERROR 500</h2> <p>Problem accessing /res-hub/v1/projects. Reason: <pre>… (Show more)
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We are still using the default password "uc" for system client 0, user uc. Are there any procedures explaining how to change the password from the default password?
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Hi,   I need to change the template for one report but I didn't know how can I do that. I would like edit the report and change one logo , just that   There are some one that can help me?   Thanks in advance   Cira
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