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Hi guys!   Is it possible to condition the ca_reportQuery based on the selection of ca_fdGetSelectedOptionValues to display another select field?   I need to display all municipalities of the Brazilian states based on the pre-selection of this state.   I created the report for each state and its municipalities, however I'm not sure how to… (Show more)
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Joined project team at Comcast. First day!
Did someone here in community ever use pdm_ldap_sync to update the userid of the contacts in SDM? Some background...SDM/AD integration in place with sAMAcountName in AD mapped to userid in SDM. Now network configuration changes that requires to use upn in AD to authenticate, in stead of sAMAcountName. Therefore, we would need to update existing… (Show more)
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Hi all.   Can I monitoring Cisco Meeting Server (Acano) with the csico_ucm probe?   Best Regards.
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Hi All,   I have a comma delimited file to be masked and the strings in the fields are enclosed with double quotes ("). The client wants this to remain, but after masking the file the " are getting dropped from the file. Ex: Input file: "I","VALUE","ABC,DEF","GET"   Output file: I,MASKED,"ABC,DEF",GET   Expected:… (Show more)
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Hi All,   I am creating a Data Publish, where I make a select in a sequence, I save this value in a variable, I create an update with this value adding +1 to update, but when I run I get this error:   If anyone knows what it can be, could you help me ?   STOPPED! Publish to file (XLS): Start date and time: 14/09/2018 20:05:28 Default values… (Show more)
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When i looked into the database, i found that tables named with *_aud they do not contain any data. However, i could see the historical deployments through ROC. I want to maintain the audit data forever and to be more protective, i would like to export the audit data and maintain it on tapes.   I am not sure, what tables should i refer to for… (Show more)
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APM Version : Total Agents: 1580 Number of Collectors: 9   On the APM Status Console, we have an active clamp on one of our collectors: introscope.enterprisemanager.disconnected.historical.agent.limit collector009@5001 400 400 5:36:27 07/22/18 The number of agents on the nine collectors vary between 118 - 250.  Typically once… (Show more)
Dear team, I am trying to export a form from CA Service Catalog 14.1.02 using the Import Export Utility under Administration -> Tools. However I am getting the error as below.   Error Occurred: Invalid form name(s) specified, please enter valid input and try again   Please provide your suggestion to resolve this.  
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Can IA Agent REST API be Secured by SSL?   thanks !    #caheadband
We have a custom form for Machine Name and License Key that is only available to two Roles that require that information, other roles can see the ticket just not the fields. We would like to make those two custom fields on the custom forms required for the technicians that see it when opened. Is there a way, via data partition, form mods, custom… (Show more)
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Hi all, I Want to get all open alerts(Danger and Caution) from CA APM using REST API. I have searched CA documentation but not able to find any. Please suggest me how can I do so. Thanks in advance. Arpan
Alias created in U_ANTE_UPROC are not forwarded to the Uproc Script when a job is executing.   This is as expected a limitation to the system, because the Uproc script is Child Process of the U_ANTE_UPROC.   PID(U_ANTE_UPROC) ==  PPID(Uproc Script).   Alias definition which are not declared in the user profile are not transferable from a father… (Show more)
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