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Using Pam native RDP does not allow use it but have a techdoc available that was offered our company to change the default resolution of RDP applet to 3000x1200 to span the resulting session across all screens we have. However we didin´t like this solution and really does not work as Windows Remote Desktop when “use all my monitors for remote…
As an Administrator, i need an ability to control agents centrally - i need to be able to troubleshoot, push out updates and change the agentparm.txt file from Agent Monitor UI.
Hi, We have added %APPL._truser to the TAG field of all application properties so we know who triggers a specific appl.gen.  However we can only see the trigger user id in the database by running sql.    I would like to see the trigger userid added to the Application Details under Trigger By MANUAL  Field Value Application Name AA Generation…
As a Job Scheduler, i need an ability to rerun the jobs and its sucessors at run time. Today, i can only resubmit a job at run time in an active application generation.
We have recently been under scrutiny as part of an external audit; as our dSeries WLA is new to the IT environment. There seems to be a definite need to be able to run queries to identify login/logout of users to the WLA Master. Can there be a new database table devised that would contain various information regarding User usage; starting with the…
Use Case & Idea: Today, it is possible to retrieve agents being used in workload at run time. However, we need a report that retrieves agents, global variables, java scripts, resources defined across multiple applications and job definitions. Providing a report and having options to export that tot excel, csv pdf formats is required here.
Add the same options to the external jobs that are in other jobs.  Particularly time dependencies, notifications, alerts.  By adding these features, I would be able to setup overdue notifications if an external is not completed by a specific time and either send a notification or drop the external with an alert.  We have cross application…
It would be helpful in dSeries Monitor, if an event is triggered manually, that the user ID of the Trigger person is captured in the Triggered By field in the Details for the application. Currently it carries the work MANUAL. In order to identify who triggered the event, we currently have to run the EXPORTAUDITLOG command, which takes time and…
As a Job Scheduler, i need a way to compare between 2 application version definitions through Desktop Client.   1. Provide an option to compare 2 versions of an application definition prior to download. 2. Ensure that we show all the changes between 2 version in a pop-up UI - Application level changes, ALL Job level changes performed. 3. while…
Each time we failover, agents configured with the DE manager in Topology take a while to sync up the status quick enough. We would like to see improvement in the process such that agents sync up faster with DE, so whenever we failover or start the DE Server we don’t have to wait for 5 minutes before the Agents status reflect if they are active or…
I'm trying out some apps from Unfortunately I have problems with it. I have now integrated the app Device-DA-Admin in my environment. If I want to post anything on the page, I can call up another report, I automatically end up on the login page of the CAPC. Has an idea where that can be? I have the 3.5 installed and working over SSL.… (Show more)
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Hi.   We've already discussed the new Java release cycles in the past. But far bei it from Oracle to leave it at that.   Oracle now also appears to say that Oracle Java (formerly Sun Java) will, from here on, require commercial licensing, paid and per CPU. I'm not sure when this takes effect, but I quote from the Oracle Java web site:   At the… (Show more)
We need an option to verify that dSeries Resources, Java Scripts, Alerts, Global Variables are defined when an event simulation is performed similar to how the agents are verified.  For example, if the agent is not defined in the topology, when a user performs an event simulation, an event simulation error occurs stating that the agent is not…
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